Director of Platform

About the Job

25madison is seeking a Director of Platform to grow our venture platform and our talent ecosystem. The Director of Platform will be responsible for cultivating a community around 25madison, building out a best-in-class network of talent, investors, and partners. Your role will be dynamic, with goals ranging from recruiting talent for internal and portfolio company roles, to managing partner relationships, to marketing 25madison across various audiences. This is a unique role, perfect for someone who loves the startup ecosystem, is constantly meeting new people and wants to help build a venture studio’s presence in the early-stage community.

What you’ll do

Build the 25madison network and reach

Talent Management & Network Relationships – A core responsibility of this role is building strong connections with partners, entrepreneurs, and startup executives. The network you build will play an instrumental role in the success of our incubations by providing access to key hires, investors, and partners. You will work with portfolio companies to hire team-members as well as making key placements within 25madison’s team. These may include Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, early hires for incubated companies, and more. Building and managing a pipeline of talented startup operators in specific sectors will allow us and our companies to scale more rapidly and efficiently.

Portfolio Community Building – Within 25madison’s portfolio, you will play an instrumental role in building a strong community, fostering communications between 25madison and its portfolio companies as well as between the companies themselves. Facilitating this community-building could include forums, events & seminars, Q&As, and office hours.

Investor & Partner Management – One of the best ways we can help our founders and incubations is to help facilitate their fundraising and partnerships. You will play a crucial role in tapping into the right networks to facilitate this process. By building up a strong business development network you will be able to help connect our founders and startup teams to the right partners and investors to facilitate and amplify the growth of their businesses.

How this comes to life:

Brand Communications & Events – You will be responsible for championing the communications and external marketing of 25madison, developing a presence across several channels (blogs, podcasts, and newsletters, etc.). In addition to communications, this role will include field marketing: creating an event calendar to build the community surrounding 25madison and its portfolio companies, tapping into both the investment network and startup ecosystem (think Art Basel, CES, Dreamforce, JP Morgan Healthcare, etc.).

Maintaining Network & Outreach – Part of your practice will include keeping tabs on the networks surrounding 25madison in order to build and manage relationships of key stakeholders. Community building is at your core. In this role, you'll build an understanding of the network that we have today while spending time fostering and growing it.

What you’ve done

  • Spent 4-6 years in/around the early-stage ecosystem: community building at a startup or VC fund, field marketing at a software startup, etc.
  • Developed a strong network of startup executives, investors, and entrepreneurs
  • Managed external-facing communication and marketing workstreams across various channels
  • Organized and hosted marketing and networking events
  • Managed a strong recruitment pipeline for a variety of roles

Personal Characteristics

  • You’re a people person with a willingness to put yourself out there and enter new situations
  • Self-motivated and see an open path as permission to move fast
  • Building a network comes naturally to you and you always find yourself making connections between people
  • You understand what it takes to build a startup and, like the founders you work with, you with aren’t afraid of ambiguity or getting your hands dirty
  • You have strong written and verbal skills and can articulate the values of a brand clearly and with precision

25madison is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and seeks to foster an inclusive environment. We value diversity and welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, disability status or national origin.